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Budding Tree

I am a Pilates teacher, registered Yoga teacher with the IYN and REPs, GP & exercise referral Specialist, Pre and Post Natal, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga and Lesmills Body Balance instructor . I have been teaching for over 11 years attaining many qualifications. I actively continue my studies in both Pilates and Yoga attending many courses in my field. 

After many years of practising Ballet and dance, I moved to practice Kick Boxing. After few injuries I discovered that any high impact exercise was not helping my joints. Seventeen years ago I was introduced to Yoga and Pilates. The Yoga practice and Pilates exercise method were life changing for me , it helped me to learn about my own body and accept my limitations.

My teaching is founded in the classical Hatha Yoga Style and Classical Mat based Pilates, focusing on the development of inner well being through breath work, postures and relaxation/meditation techniques. My classes are taught partly in a creative, flowing style, partly holding postures, leaving space for students to work as deep or gentle as they need to. The beauty is that people often come to me for the stretch, and leave with a lot more.


I am also a qualified Beautician and offer many holistic treatments such as; theraputic massage, Indian Head Massage and Hopi ear Candle. I also specilised in the art of threading which is now commenly used in uk.


The core of my professional activity is a belief that knowledge of anatomy, physiology and different therapeutic techniques is of crucial importance in the treatment process, but it cannot guaranty success itself. It must be accompanied by high level of care, respect and communication. In many ways we are all similar but also quite different, therefore each therapeutic session must always be designed individually and tuned to the physical, mental and emotional condition of each person.  

I lived in Spain for over 3 years , where I set up my own well being studio. I hosted many workshops about well being, yoga and Pilates. 

The Yoga & Well being studio was a small and friendly studio from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I am now living with my family in Newhaven, East Sussex. I teach in my little studio in Newhaven but also teach at different venues in Brighton and Osteopath Clinic in Seaford.

I have also been teaching Yoga to students of Brighton College and Seahaven Academy.




If you want to improve your memory, take up yoga. Just twice a week, getting myself into Zara's yoga classes has dramatically increased my mental agility and memory. I love the practice of pranayama where I have to focus and control my breath.

Jackie, Catral


I wanted to write this article on ''yoga'' to share my own personal thoughts, and experience, and the knowledge gained, since I have started ''yoga'' classes with Zara, 

I commenced my first yoga class a year ago, arriving in Quesada Monday morning 11.30am, feeling very nervous. Zara the yoga teacher, introduced herself and I immediately felt very much at ease! Looking around at the ladies in the class I was very relieved to see friendly faces, and that we were All different in Size and Age!

I am not going to say that my first yoga class was enjoyable, my first experience of the 'Down Dog' pose, I thought would without a doubt be my Last.

But being very determined I continued with the classes.

Now One year later, I am having so much fun and have truly found Inner Peace! 

My Blood pressure is now 139/80. My friends tell me I look younger. My aches and pains are diminishing and I truly feel much more Supple.

One One Leg (tree pose) and not WOBBLE!!

So thank you Zara for your great patience, I have indeed found Yoga, to be uplifting, challenging and most of All very enjoyable.

Pat - Age-72 

(the quiet one from Miragolf)


I came to Zara class in Los Montesinos and I think she is the best yoga teacher I have had, especially because she combine the poses with the philosophy (teachings). I am/ from London and has spent time in India too.I think she is AMAZING yoga teacher and I love her studio.

Alex, catral



    Amazing Zara, you are without doubt the best teacher I have ever had. I know and wish you every success in your Yoga. Just wish I was in Spain more to work with you. Mel, UK